Saturday, October 12, 2019

Hey There Sexy

Hello beautiful soul <3
Oh, what have I been up to you ask? Well, I've... 
1) Become a yoga teacher
2) Learned the investing side of real estate
3) Been expanding my ventures into new, exciting directions
4) Been diving deep into learning ancient arts and practices around sexual awakening, our abilities for unlimited pleasure, how to create space for my clients to discovers parts of themselves they never knew existed. 
Does that sound intriguing? I'd love to tell you more!
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Friday, July 15, 2016

Chopping It Up

A special treat with a special friend. My first ever trip in a helicopter! Miami truly is a beautiful city. Makes me appreciate living here that much more. Look, there's the Fountainbleu!

Friday, July 8, 2016

New Website Coming Soon!

New photo shoots, new photos, new website! More to come shortly, stay tuned. ;)

Friday, January 1, 2016

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Well here we are. :) January 1, 2016!

2015 was an amazing year for me, full of positive transition. I'm so excited to discover what surprises this new year has in store.

My holiday season was lovely as always. I hope you also had a beautiful time celebrating, surrounded by loved ones. 

Here's a picture from a casual party I attended during the holidays.


May 2016 bring you much success and happiness!


Sunday, November 8, 2015

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Girls' Night Out!

We're about to enter our second week of November, and fall in Miami is far from the sweater weather I hoped it would be by this time of year. One highlight of the season so far was seeing my good friend, Evelyn Greene, this past week. She came to town for a few days, and luckily our schedules synced and we were able to have a fun night out in South Beach. It was so nice and refreshing to see her and catch up. I really appreciate and am grateful for the friendships I have with other courtesan women such as her. It's so precious to have relationships with people who can relate to your life and share in your successes and struggles. We share, we teach, we lift each other up... it's a beautiful thing. Evelyn's such a fun, sexy, witty lady. I always thoroughly enjoy my time with her. I wish she lived closer, but NYC is her domain, and, though I may complain about the weather, Miami is home for me; I love it here. So, I suppose this means we just have to go on more vacations to see each other! ;)

Here are a couple pictures from our date below. We started our evening at The Raleigh where we had a light dinner with drinks by the pool, and then eventually made our way to the back outdoor bar of Delano.

I wish I had more pictures to share, but they were mostly blurry or too dark. Between the glasses of prosecco, the excitement of seeing each other, and the endless conversations, photography was a bit neglected.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed!


Oh, PS! Evelyn convinced me to join Twitter! Follow me @sexyerinevans

Saturday, October 17, 2015

My New Diary

Hello :) So, I see you noticed the new "Diary" tab on my website. I'm very excited to reveal this new feature I've added to share more about myself with you. Life has been pretty busy for me as of late with other ventures I've been focusing on. I haven't had the time to think about things like new photos, tours, etc. But I am still here! And this will be a place where I hope to keep things fresh.

Tonight is one of the very rare nights where I'm just relaxing at home, lights low, candles lit, balcony door open, feeling the fall in the air. The weather is just getting a bit cooler in the evenings. I've been in the Halloween spirit, and while during the rest of the year I'm not a fan of scary movies, I've been in the mood to be scared, so tonight I'm watching American Horror Story Season 4. I love the mix of eroticism and horror, there's something about it that turns me on... I'm especially enjoying this season, it's fun. :)

Anyways, thanks again for stopping by. Check back soon.

Until next time,